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How miserable is Brighton in the past six months?


——Brighton has not won a game since 2020, and the last win dated back to December 28, 2019.


——I haven't started Hu Hu this year, and only Brighton is the only one in England's 4th professional league.


As a result, "Who's New Year's Day Brighton Dumplings" has become a new stalk of the Premier League, and now the entire league is holding seagulls for drinks. Looking at other people who can eat seagull meat with slingshots, bamboo poles, and even glass beads, Arteta, the director of the arsenal, felt: I moved out the entire gunpowder storehouse, this stupid bird never ran away.


Therefore, we saw the most aggressive start of the Towers since becoming the factory director. In the opening 4-4-2 formation, in addition to Aubameyang and Lacazette, there are also strong and weak Kolasinacs, unlimited set of Bellerin, never defending Pepe, and covering Gondo. Qi, I am Ceballos, the midfielder, plus Saka, the top chef of the factory canteen this season...

因此,自从担任工厂总监以来,我们看到了Towers最激进的开始。在开始的4-4-2阵型中,除了奥巴梅扬和拉卡泽特外,还有强弱的科拉辛纳奇人,无限的贝勒林人,从未卫冕佩佩和掩盖贡多。齐,我是中场Ceballos,还有本赛季工厂食堂的顶级厨师Saka ...

You must know that the formation of the tower team was often entangled in the offensive and defensive balance, so there was always a twist and tuck in the use of attackers. In this game, there was no one forcing a love triangle between the golden guns. Pepe finally got his wish and saw Bellerin standing behind him. One of the reasons he moved to Arsenal was that he had this behind him. A right back who loves to fit in. It can be said that the Towers have turned the fan’s imagination of "if XX and XX can play together, it will definitely be different" into reality. The result is...well, it's still the same.


First, Pepe and Bellerin did not achieve the desired results. Pepe is accustomed to solo show operations, and using Tiancun’s right foot to play the right wing position will make him habitually pull the ball back to the left foot to cut in or pass in. Most of the time, his position is back to the bottom line. , Completely disappointed Bellerin's advance.

首先,Pepe和Bellerin没有达到预期的结果。佩佩习惯于单人表演,使用天村的右脚打右翼位置会让他习惯性地将球拉回到左脚以切入或传球。在大多数情况下,他的位置回到底端线。 ,完全让贝莱林的前进感到失望。

Second, the midfielder lacks creativity. Saka, Ceballos, and Pepe are all players who need the ball on their feet to brew creativity. When there are three sticky players in the midfield, the team will feel sticky and it is difficult to play fast and smoothly. Cooperate.

第二,中场缺乏创造力。 Saka,Ceballos和Pepe都是需要脚踩球才能激发创造力的球员。当中场有三名粘性球员时,球队会感到粘性,很难快速流畅地比赛。合作。

Third, Arsenal's overall coordination lacks coordination. Whether it is a defensive counterattack or a high-position press, the player's position will be split, and the distance of the three lines is far enough to meet the social distance of any country during the epidemic.


Therefore, although Arsenal sent a group of attackers, the arsenal offensive organization is still a mess, and the few opportunities to create are based on the basic situation of the golden two guns.


Under this circumstance, this set of "Today I just want to kill you or be killed by you" starter had a negative effect.


For example, Brighton has increased the force of the midfield press. Throughout the game, the Seagulls completed 30 steals and counterattacked after multiple steals. The bonuses of the Arsenal team's defense were not enough.


For example, Brighton took advantage of the high position of Arsenal's attacking group, often letting their own defenders and even goalkeepers directly find forwards with big feet, bypassing Arsenal's entire midfield.


As a result, Arsenal's defense is often in a hurry to "see the ball flying over the head and then collectively chase it", and then Leno, as the only frontal defensive player in the factory, must face the Brighton forward alone. Moreover, the striker got bad thoughts after having closed the door a few times. When Leno lost his center of gravity, he slammed into his waist...


As a result, Leno became the third non-combat attrition in Arsenal's two games. And Martinez, the talented teenager who was selected for the Argentine national team at the age of 20, has been squandering until he is 28 and finally waiting for his seventh league appearance on behalf of Arsenal.


The bad news is that Brighton immediately began to push Arsenal's defense at a high position, showing that Martinez was ill-prepared to bully; the good news is that Martinez did not show panic when he played temporarily. The current Arsenal defense line is always in a state of waiting to be fed, and any door will have the opportunity to soon realize their dream of being a mother.


I thought that the birds would have nothing to fight back in this game where the gunners beat the seagulls, but in fact the two sides came and went, and the scene was once very exciting.


This situation allowed Brighton to relax his vigilance. In the second half, they invested more offensive forces and their close defense against the Arsenal striker also reduced their ferocity.


—— In the past 57 games, Brighton has never reversed when falling behind.


-This season, Arsenal have been equalized or overtaken 9 times while leading.


The team that is least likely to be reversed encounters the team that is most likely to be reversed, and the game immediately increased its focus.


The bigger point of view is that the Towers quickly changed into three central defenders after taking the lead. They used a group of attackers to form a constrained formation, and once again adopted the "wide-backs produced by Gua Shuai" when the opponent counterattacked. "Back midfielder" tactics.

更大的观点是,塔楼在带头之后迅速变成了三个中央后卫。他们利用一群攻击者组成了一个受约束的阵型,并在对手反击时再次采用了“瓜帅的后卫”。 “后场中场”战术。

Not to mention that Gua Shuai’s tactic itself is pretending to be force-based and practically supplemented, and the core of this tactic is "the line of defense is relatively stable, and full-backs occasionally come to check for missing holes." For Arsenal, a defense line that has been leaking for a long time like a flash flood, it doesn't work to throw sandbags in. What’s more troublesome is that the prescription Arsenal had side effects after being forcibly taken internally. When Bellerin and Fat Tiger were panting to fill the positions of Ceballos and Gondozi, their positions were empty. .

更不用说瓜帅的战术本身是假装以武力为基础的,并且实际上是对战术的补充,而该战术的核心是“防线相对稳定,后卫有时会检查是否有漏洞。”对于已经像漏水一样长时间泄漏的防御线来说,扔沙袋是行不通的。更麻烦的是,阿森纳处方药在内部强制服用后会产生副作用。当贝勒林和胖虎气喘吁吁地填补塞巴洛斯和贡多兹的职位时,他们的职位空缺。 。

At this time, Arsenal have only two options.


A. Leave it alone. Brighton put on the wing and crossed without pressure.


B. The central defender made up to the side. The opponent forced a pass from deep into the bottom line. As long as the pass passed, Arsenal's midfield defense would be one less.


Ahem, it is necessary to take a look at the resume of Brighton coach with everyone here. Graham Porter started his career in Birmingham, developed in Stoke City, and peaked in West Bromwich Albion. The first team he coached was Ostersund in the Swedish Premier League. From such a background, you provide him with the soil for long passes, do you think he is not growing fast enough?

哎呀,有必要和大家一起看一下布莱顿教练的简历。格雷厄姆·波特(Graham Porter)在伯明翰开始他的职业生涯,在斯托克城发展,并在西布罗姆维奇(West Bromwich Albion)达到顶峰。他执教的第一支球队是瑞典超级联赛的厄斯特松德。在这样的背景下,您为他提供了长期的土壤,您认为他的成长不够快吗?

As a result, Arsenal's strong team setting collapsed again. In the second half, Brighton used the wing attack to fiddle with 7 corner kicks. Finally, in the 75th minute, the current Premier League owner Dunk scored a goal. Moreover, he did not score the wrong goal this time.


The equalized Arsenal did not immediately counterattack with all their strength, but played with Brighton for another 10 minutes. I thought the Towers would accept a 1-1 score like this, but in the 87th minute, he suddenly replaced Tierney, Nelson, Joseph Willock... the first thought that came to my mind was : "Are Arsenal waiting to play overtime?"

均等的阿森纳并没有立即反击他们的全部实力,而是与布莱顿再打了10分钟。我以为塔会接受这样的1-1得分,但是在第87分钟,他突然取代了蒂尔尼,尼尔森,约瑟夫·威洛克...我想到的第一个念头是:“阿森纳是否在等待加时赛? ”

Believe me, the fourth official must have felt the same signal. So he really overtime, and the original three-minute stoppage time card was raised again and it became four minutes.


Just like that for a minute, something happened. When all the Arsenal players were waiting for the referee's final whistle to enter the laziness before get off work on Friday, Brighton suddenly decided to try again. Then, Mo Pai, the biggest villain in the whole play, received an assist from his teammate after a string of Arsenal-style passes.

就这样一分钟,发生了一些事情。当所有阿森纳球员在周五下班前等待裁判的最终哨响进入惰性状态时,布莱顿突然决定再次尝试。然后,在一系列阿森纳风格的传球之后,整场比赛中最大的恶棍Mo Pai得到了队友的助攻。

-This is Brighton's first victory since 2020, and the second reversal in the Premier League that has conceded first in nearly 58 games. It is also the first league double killer in team history.


——After the rematch, the Premier League has completed 8 games. The home team without home advantage has only achieved 2 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss. The two teams that won at home were Manchester City and Brighton, and they both won by Arsenal.


Emery is over!


Oh, get out of class is over...


Then, save the Arsenal fans.


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