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I used fm2020 in the previous paragraph, so I had to play. Lester opened the gear, mainly because of the combination of Madison, Tillimans and Endidi. Now let哪个app可以买lol比赛’s talk about my feelings. 1. My main game is 4321. My previous generation played fm2018. I feel that this generation of offensive formation is not very easy to play. It is often exploded and cannot be used in a single formation to fight the world. So I have a set of 442 counterattacks to fight away and strong teams. 4321 is used to abuse dishes, 442 is relatively stable. 2. Lineup running-in and familiarity are too critical. If there is a connection between players, it is very useful. In the first two seasons, everyone used to rebuild the team and buy people. This will affect the results. I only filled the main lineup. Ruivit and Milinkovic, the result is still a tacit understanding, the fifth after the end of the season, during the three or four games during the period, they quit and re-entered, or just seven or eight, I have money to buy in the second season After a dozen or so people, I thought that the lineup would be upgraded, and the result was tormented by the big 6 at the start. The Premier League is too difficult. It is really hard to fight for four if you don't play or take a vacation. 3. Selling is not very good. You must play more games to sell well. Otherwise, even if your ability value is good and you play less, you will have to jump off the building and vomit blood at a low price. Moreover, the powerful digs of all kinds, really realize the helplessness of some civilian teams in reality. At the end of the first season, my Chilwell, Pereira, Tillemans, and Gray were all targeted by the giants and wanted to buy strongly. Manchester United is really proud, and refused to do it. I reported it over and over again, and the players scared away the buyers with high prices. I was very dissatisfied and made the whole team restless. In the end, Gray had a one-year contract and said why he would not renew his contract. The 3000w was sold to Tottenham. Tillimans I wanted to raise the price and scare away Manchester United and got 110 million. As a result. . . Agree, think about it, forget it, and sell it when the price is okay. I bought Tonali and the 17-year-old demon Moriba from Barcelona with the money. Chilwell, Manchester United drove 7000w and kept chasing, I didn’t let it go. Because I couldn't find a replacement, Pereira didn't release either. These two guys are now very dissatisfied. I threw out the big list to play with substitute Danny Ross and Justin, but the results were not satisfactory. 4. Transfer. In the past, which player I had fancyed was basically unable to smash it if they didn’t want to sell you, and they would scare you away with one billion at every turn. I found that this generation is okay, and basically compromised after opening 50 or 60 million. Of course, the Premier League is still rich and not. How to deduct the transfer fee, the small life of the first Spaniard is too tight. And Leicester also has a bunch of Slimani rented out, a Silvasha can sell a lot of money back in the second season.

我在上一段中使用了fm2020,所以我不得不玩。莱斯特打开了大门,这主要是由于麦迪逊,蒂利曼斯和恩迪迪的合并。现在,让我们谈谈我的感受。 1.我的主要游戏是4321。我的前一代玩了fm2018。我觉得这一代进攻队伍不是很容易发挥。它经常爆炸,不能用于与世界作战的单一阵型。因此,我有442场反击战可以对抗强大的球队。 4321用于滥用餐具,442比较稳定。 2.阵容磨合和熟悉度太关键。如果玩家之间存在联系,这将非常有用。在前两个赛季中,每个人都曾经重建球队并购买人手。这会影响结果。我只填了主阵容。 Ruivit和Milinkovic的结果仍然是默契,在赛季结束后的第五场,在此期间的三,四场比赛中,他们退出并重新进入,或者只有七,八场,我有钱买第二个赛季经过一打左右的比赛后,我认为阵容会得到升级,哪个app可以买lol比赛结果一开始就受到了大六缸的折磨。英超联赛太难了。如果您不玩或不休假,争取四个人真的很难。 3.销售不是很好。您必须玩更多的游戏才能畅销。否则,即使您的能力值很高且比赛少,您也将不得不跳下楼并以低价吐血。而且,各种强大的挖掘力量,实际上意识到了一些平民队伍的无奈。在第一个赛季结束时,我的Chilwell,Pereira,Tillemans和Gray都成为了巨人的目标,并希望大力购买。曼联真的很自豪,并且拒绝这样做。我一遍又一遍地报告,玩家们以高价吓跑了买家。我非常不满意,使整个团队动荡不安。最后,格雷有一份为期一年的合同,并说了为什么他不续签合同。 3000w被卖给了热刺。 Tillimans我想提高价格,吓跑曼联,拿到1亿1千万。结果是。 。 。同意,考虑一下,忘记它,然后在价格确定时出售。我用钱从巴塞罗那购买了Tonali和17岁的恶魔Moriba。曼联切尔韦尔(Chilwell)开了7000瓦,一直在追逐,我没有放过。因为我找不到替代品,所以Pereira也没有发布。这两个家伙现在非常不满意。我与替补丹尼·罗斯(Danny Ross)和贾斯汀(Justin)一起参加比赛,但结果并不令人满意。 4.转移。过去,如果我不想卖给你,我曾经看中的那个玩家基本lol比赛在哪里可以投注上无法粉碎它,而哪个app可以买lol比赛且他们每回合都会吓you你十亿。我发现这一代还可以,并且在开放50或6000万之后基本上受到了损害。当然,英超仍然富裕而不是富裕。如何扣除转会费,小西班牙人的生活太紧lol比赛在哪里可以投注了。莱切斯特也租了一大堆Slimani,一个席尔瓦沙(Silvasha)在第二个赛季可以卖掉很多钱。

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